Monday, August 27, 2012

South of Normal

So, yeah. It happened. We TOTALLY moved to the midwest. Bloomington, Illinois, to be exact. But, juuuuuuust south of NORMAL (Illinois), as my dear friend Nance was quick to point out :) Thanks, friend! I am finally LEGITIMATELY south of Normal. Feels GOOD.

Before we left Arizona, Kennedy and I attended the 2012 Make-A-Wish Ball and Ken was lucky enough to meet our FAVORITE Arizona Cardinal, Larry Fitzgerald :) (that's my older sister, Vanessa. She's a grandma now. She really loves it when I tell people that. You're so welcome, sis.)

And then the weekend after the WORST MOVERS IN THE HISTORY OF MOVERS came and DID A TERRIBLE JOB moving our household, we popped into Phoenix Comicon. 

Yeah. SO much to catch up on. But things are TOTALLY BOSS, nonetheless.

(These, here, are vintage marquee letters I made out of MDF and aluminum flashing after seeing this tutorial. For my sewing room. Because life is boss AND I am the boss. See what I did there?) (yeah, but in the interest of keeping it REAL, this was the hardest DIY that I almost trashed a million times. I couldn't recommend my method. It sucked.)



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